Why our produce is the best

We are certified organic and have been certified with AusQual since 2019 but we ran the farm organically at least 2 years before that.

Soil Care

We do not treat the soil as a growing medium we treat it as a living organism. We run peptides and amino acids through our drip system as a biostimulant. These are taken up by soil microbes which in turn multiply in number which in turn increases the availability of previouly locked up nutrients to the plants. The plants in return feed soil microbes with sugars the way nature intended.


We grow 2 varieties of blueberry:
Brigitta, which is a northern high bush it has large fruit with good flavor.
Northland, which is a hybrid between a northern high and northern low bush. The fruit is very sweet and has a long picking season.
We also have a few Denise which are an early fruit with good taste.
We also have 5 varieties of Strawberries.

Pest Control

We use ducks, chooks, Guineafowl to control insects and tried geese for weed control but they damaged our blueberry plants. Unfortunately they all eat our fruit so they work outside our berry enclosure while there is fruit.